Creating a sustainable energy future


Inefficient and ugly, working only 30% of the time or a highly viable power source with the potential to supply 70% of the UK’s energy.

Pros and cons

  • Free
  • Clean
  • Doesn't disrupt farmland
  • Efficient technology
  • Dangerous to some wildlife
  • Noisy
  • Expensive upfront costs
  • Unreliable/unpredictable
Bechtel and Hexicon floating wind turbine image

Bechtel and Hexicon to demonstrate floating wind technology

1 year ago
Floating wind developers Bechtel and Hexicon have decided to partner for large-scale demonstration projects in the UK.

Wind Energy

1 year ago
Renewables provide nearly a third of UK power in the UK and half of this is generated by from wind energy. Generation from onshore and offshore wind in the UK are central to the shift to an energy system fit for the future. 
Solar panels

The UK Plans to Double Subsidies for Solar and Onshore Wind in 2021

1 year ago
2020 saw a substantial shift in the UK government’s plans to tackle the climate crisis. The government aims to double the capacity of renewable energy it will subsidise in 2021 by backing onshore, offshore, and floating wind projects, plus solar energy, wind, and tidal schemes.
Wind turbines at Bowbeat photograph by Murdo MacLeod

UK electricity from renewables outpaces gas and coal power

1 year ago
The UK’s renewable electricity outpaced its fossil fuel generation for the first time in 2020 and could remain the largest source of electricity in the future, according to an independent climate thinktank.
O2 Arena

O2 Arena to install mini wind turbines that can harness even a breeze

1 year ago
The O2 Arena will soon use a new breed of “vertical wind turbine” to generate its own clean electricity, after signing a deal with a startup firm that says its turbines will generate power even when the wind is not blowing.
Energy Observer

Energy Observer yacht reaches the Pacific Ocean

1 year ago
Through expeditions and innovations, Energy Observer is exploring practical solutions whilst developing new technologies to accelerate ecological transition.
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