Creating a sustainable energy future
Loch Lochy

Pumped hydro could cut UK energy costs by almost £700 million a year

7 months ago
Researchers at Imperial College London have found that pumped hydro storage could save up to £690m per year on energy costs by 2050.
O2 Arena

O2 Arena to install mini wind turbines that can harness even a breeze

7 months ago
The O2 Arena will soon use a new breed of “vertical wind turbine” to generate its own clean electricity, after signing a deal with a startup firm that says its turbines will generate power even when the wind is not blowing.
Geothermal Lido

UK's 'first geothermal lido' opens in Cornwall

7 months ago
The UK's first lido to be heated by geothermal energy has opened.  The Jubilee Pool in Penzance, Cornwall uses underground heat to keep the sea water pool at 35°C.  Engineers behind the project said while the pool is the first lido in the UK to be geothermally heated, "the Romans beat us to it by 2000 years in Bath".
Carbon Brief

CCC: UK Should 'move away' from large-scale biomass burning

7 months ago
The UK should not give support to any new large-scale biomass power plants unless they include carbon capture and storage (CCS), according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).
Roof with integrated solar panel

Making Solar Standard

7 months ago
The UK needs to push on at speed if we’re to meet our ambitious zero carbon targets – with both the houses we live in now and the ones we will build for the future proving key to achieving those goals.
Domestic Solar Panels

Solar Panels Grants & Funding in the UK 2021

7 months ago
Promoting the use of renewable energy sources has been on the UK government’s agenda for many years now. The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive set out for all member countries to reach a 20% renewables target before 2020. The UK has been working towards that goal, but recently approved policies have scrapped or reduced the related incentives.
Biomass burning
Should the UK end tax breaks on burning wood for power?

A new report from climate change think tank Ember reveals the cost of burning wood for power, with energy billpayers committed to subsidies of more than £13 billion, including £10bn at Drax power station alone. In addition to the direct subsidy, they estimate biomass generators are receiving carbon tax breaks of £333 million a year.


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