Creating a sustainable energy future
British Geological Survey

Geothermal energy

1 year ago
The term ‘geothermal energy’ refers to any heat derived from the ground, from depths of a few metres to multiple kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface.

Is the UK harnessing its geothermal energy resources?

1 year ago
Geothermal has the potential to heat millions of homes in the UK. Despite that, this source of energy is too little used.
Office for National Statistics

A burning issue - biomass the biggest source of renewable energy in the UK

1 year ago
Analysis reveals the contribution of burning organic material from plants, trees and animals – including millions of tonnes of imported wood pellets from the USA and Canada – to the UK's energy mix. What is its environmental impact?
Oxford PV

Oxford PV retakes tandem cell efficiency record

1 year ago
Perovskite developer Oxford PV has set a new world record for perovskite-silicon tandem cell efficiency at 29.52%, edging out the previous record set less than a year ago by Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin. The new record has been certified by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Innovate UK

Innovate UK Smart Grants available up to £1/2 million

1 year ago
Opportunity for UK registered organisations to apply for a share of up to £25 million from Innovate UK to deliver game-changing and commercially viable R&D innovation that can significantly impact the UK economy.
Geothermal Boost

UK’s geothermal sector gets a boost

1 year ago
Energy firm Ecotricity has signed a ten-year deal for electricity which will be produced by a British geothermal power plant, representing another step forward for the country’s fledgling industry. 
Biomass burning
Should the UK end tax breaks on burning wood for power?

A new report from climate change think tank Ember reveals the cost of burning wood for power, with energy billpayers committed to subsidies of more than £13 billion, including £10bn at Drax power station alone. In addition to the direct subsidy, they estimate biomass generators are receiving carbon tax breaks of £333 million a year.


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